Some things get easier...

Good data is essential to successful development.  Boring, but so true.

Not that long ago organising an alumni questionnaire was a hassle.  Now things are completely different.  Really, there is no excuse for not doing it. 

Done well, a questionnaire is much more than a way of gathering data; it’s even a goodwill-generator.  There are multiple benefits.  It can be a kick start for your career-mentoring initiative, a haul of potential legators, further intelligence on major donor prospects, and a route to some great content for your communications.

It needn’t be expensive or time-consuming either.  Technology has put paid to that.  In fact, it’s an opportunity for you to show your alumni/ae that you are on top of your game and that you value them. 

You need to make it stylish and smart.  One school I know recently carried out a well-executed questionnaire initiative.  They achieved a 60% response rate – all online.  A great result and no laborious keying in of data. 

It’s worth doing.