Reason doesn't come into it

"The basic difference between emotion and reason is that emotion leads to action while reason leads to conclusions". Donald Calne, brain scientist.

This is one to keep front of mind when planning school development, indeed when planning school marketing and communication, generally.  In my experience, people give because they love a school.  Reason doesn’t come into it. 

This means that the strength and clarity of an institution’s brand has a strong bearing on how successful you are with your fundraising.  You only have to look at Harvard to see this in action.

So what does this mean for getting going with development, or upping the ante?  I don’t necessarily suggest major surgery or naval gazing, but I do recommend looking at your whole communications programme to find opportunities for fresh or stronger statements of your brand, or essence.  Your fundraising must be part of the whole, rather than a sideshow, because people will give out of love for your institution, not because they have reached some reasoned conclusion.