Affordability: be clever about it.

It seems ‘Affordability’ is the big issue.  Naturally, schools are looking to their development offices to help. 

I think we need to be clever about this.  Why wrest £1,000 from a donor towards your bursary scheme when he/she might willingly give you £50,000 towards your much-needed new astro carpet?  To my mind this is a Peter/Paul situation.  Some donors just aren’t turned on by bursaries, but will give generously to the right physical project.  So don’t be slavish in your pursuit of bursary funds.  Rather, use development to mitigate costs, as well as give you direct, bursary-scheme income.

Of course, you need a compelling bursary fundraising proposition and the right campaign strategy to promote it, but keep your wider menu of causes.  And don’t forget legacy marketing either.

In all of this, as ever, the primary focus must continue to be on building genuine relationships with your potential and existing donors.