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Over the years it has become obvious to us that the strength of a brand has an incredibly strong bearing on fundraising and marketing success.  Indeed, there are times when we insist on work on the brand before we go fundraising.

'Brand' is a big  word.  Used properly, it encompasses the very essence of your organisation - what it would be like if it could get up and walk and talk. But we accept that budgets do not normally allow root and branch re-examination and audit.  Often an institution's brand is essentially there; what is lacking is consistency and polish.

We are realistic about what is needed and what will actually be adopted.  We can quickly understand an organisation and can then cost-effectively produce full brand guidelines based on who you really are - a fresh start that balances style and professionalism with practicality.

We can also provide everything you need to turn your  refreshed/new brand into reality.  In particular, we can give your website - your flagship expression of your brand - the makeover it needs to do you justice.