"You start by mentally stepping outside your organisation and looking at yourself as others see you." 

More than ever, we need to find mature and convincing ways to promote our schools.  Yet our challenge is so much more complicated than marketing a product. We are selling people, values, attitudes, care and inspiration.  It’s highly nuanced. It’s about finding a consistent, credible voice, not one strapline.

Pause to consider what goes into creating a successful case for support.  The message must be strong enough to persuade a parent, who is already paying fees, to make a donation.  You work with the Head to develop an expression of this message that will reach people, emotionally.  Because, as Canadian Neurologist, Donald Calne has famously said, ‘emotion leads to action, while reason leads to conclusions.’  Surely, it makes sense that the common elements of this message are not just aired for fundraising purposes, but are used across the school? Too often this does not happen.

As a consultancy that offers both development and marketing expertise, we have honed the ability to find the aspects of a school that really resonate with your market. And, just as important, we can help you develop your clear and consistent voice.

Effective solutions to specific challenges.

Below - a video specifically for the Japanese market.

What we offer:

  • Strategies

  • Market research

  • Video production

  • Copywriting

  • Web design (but not hosting)

  • Documents - planning, writing, design, printing