James not only spearheaded our school’s Centenary Campaign but has been instrumental in ensuring that we now have the capacity to administer and plan future fundraising campaigns. We simply could not have done it without him.
— Will Brooks, Headmaster, Brambletye School


 Development, marketing, communications, alumni - they all inter-relate.  But how do you ensure you've got them all properly covered and that you have synergy between the disciplines?

 We can carry out an audit of your operation to help you identify the changes that will bring better results.  We look objectively at the people you have, at their strengths and at the constraints that could be lifted to help them and you deliver more. 

In addition to re-ordering existing teams, we have experience of recruiting for marketing and fundraising positions and can help you find the gem among the candidates.  

‘I have worked with James.  He has an effective way of getting to the nub of what will engage people with the future of a school.’  Mark Taylor, ISBA Chairman