Our values

The services we provide must aid the following six key values:

  • Practicality – Our plans and solutions are deliverable.  Fine words and lengthy reports do not cut it unless they truly aid implementation.
  • Clarity – Vision matters.  We work hard to make the message as clear as it can be.
  • Connection - E M Forster proposed ‘Only connect’ and that’s how we work.  We connect organisations more effectively with their clients, customers and supporters.
  • Smartness – The technology revolution is the communicator’s friend.  We use IT to get things done quickly, simply and cost-effectively.
  • Humour – We believe that wit works.  We don’t overdo it, but in our experience people relate to messages that clearly have a human being - and one they can relate to – behind them.
  • Goodwill - Our work must result in increased goodwill.

Who we are

James Underhill has a track record of success in educational development and  communications. Prior to schools, James gained a decade of experience in capital appeals, PR and marketing with national charity the Woodland Trust. He combines all of this experience with a knowledge of property gained from his previous career as a chartered surveyor.